The news came in as 3 Pakistani FC soldiers have been martyred and several people in Baluchistan have come in a terrorist attack.

On Sunday 5th September 2021, A terrorist attacker on motorcycle jam-packed with 6 kilograms of explosive material went straight into one of the vehicles of the Frontier Corps Convoy


Further details revealed that an attacker walked toward a manned FC check post on Quetta-Mastung Road just 25 km away from the capital Quetta. Meanwhile, the motorcyclist terrorist went straight into the FC vehicle causing destruction.

Akram further said that people are wounded and the death toll can rise, as somebody parts belonging to victims have been discovered on the attack site.

The Notorious terror outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan a.k.a. (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the attack. The attack came for the first time after the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul in Afghanistan.

Condemn the TTP suicide attack on FC checkpost, Mastung road, Quetta

Prime Minister Khan

How terrorism continues in Baluchistan?

After several operations carried out by the Pakistani Armed forces, there has been a decline in the terrorist attacks by the notorious terror outfits such as Baluchistan Liberation Army, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan & Baluchistan Liberation Front.

In the past 20-years, these terror outfits have ransacked the Baluchistan province. Now the attacks came in after the Taliban’s seize of power in Afghanistan.

Baluchistan is rich in Minerals and Gas reserves and has been blessed with many other things including Lithium which is said to be the future of the world because of electric cars, as Lithium is used in Batteries.

Baluchistan is set to become the new economic hub of Pakistan after the recent developments in the CPEC project by the governments of China and Pakistan as the developments in Gwadar port have been going on the full speed.

Which of course, is not good news for Pakistan’s traditional enemy India which has done its best to somehow malign the developments by either sending its agents via Iran, Afghanistan or by funding the terror outfits in Pakistan.

Few years, back Pakistan captured India’s on-service RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadav, who revealed gruesome details about the attacks he carried out or lead in Pakistan.