FBR has girded its loins against non-tax-paid cigarettes in Pakistan. In the recent operation which was carried out by (IREN) The Inland Revenue Enforcement Network have taken 1.47 crore cigarettes worth 3.07 crores into custody.

Alone in August 2021, FBR detected tax evasion of 2.6 Crore Rupees. In July 2021, the IREN squad of FBR seized 2.63 crore cigarette sticks worth 48,537,140 Rupees. FBR is taking up serious action against non-taxpayers after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strict directions against the illegal sales of cigarettes.

IREN or Inland Revenue Enforcement Network was specially designed in 2019 to conduct raids and seize illegal cigarettes back in2019. It has a Cheif Coordinator, Central Field Coordinator, and 7 hubs for enforcement all across the country.

These days, all of the enforcement hubs are extremely active and are doing massive crackdowns against the illegal cigarette trade, to save the nation from billions of rupees revenue loss. ]

Chairman FBR, DR Muhammed Ashfaq Amhed, lauded and appreciated the IREN squad for an effective crackdown against illegal cigarette business dealings. According to Chairman, a new track and trace system will be rolled out in November 2021, to trace and track the cigarette manufacture inside the whole of Pakistan.

According to the reports, the AJK government also approached the FBR to expand their IREN and Trace & track system inside AJK and help the govt in fighting against the illegal cigarette business which has been costing Pakistan millions and billions of rupees every year.

In the next few months, the establishment of IREN along with its effective system could be seen in AJK to curb the illegal business trade of cigarettes in Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir.


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